Hailey Bieber's 'Glazed Donut' Nails Look

If you pay attention to the wide world of nail art as we do, then you’ve probably encountered Hailey Bieber’s “glazed donut nails” a few times. Whether you’ve seen it all over your timeline on social media, read about it in articles by your favorite beauty writers, or had it come up in conversations with friends, you’re probably wondering how you can get that pink, pearly, and iridescent glazed donut look yourself. Aside from the celebrity name commonly attached to the look, it’s also become super popular because it’s simple and neutral enough to be worn anywhere, with practically any outfit, but still sophisticated and glamorous enough for special occasions. Additionally, the glazed donut look is flattering on any skin tone.

Origins of The Glazed Donut Nail

The look was originally conceived by Bieber and her nail stylist Zola Ganzorigt during an appointment prior to the Met Gala. Bieber initially just wanted a sheer white look, but Ganzorigt wanted to add some chrome powder so the nails would better match the YSL white satin dress Bieber was planning to wear to the event. They both instantly fell in love with the look, and thus, Hailey Bieber's “glazed donuts nails” were born. This was back in May, but the look didn’t really take off until the launch of Bieber’s skincare brand Rhode in June. The look went viral on social media, especially on Tik Tok, and other celebs like Vanessa Hudgens and Sydney Sweeney jumped on the Hailey Bieber nail trend as well. In fact, both Hudgens and Sweeney had their glazed donut nail looks styled by Ganzorigt. 

How to Get The Glazed Nail Look with Press On Nails from The Nailest

While the look is very simple, the process is not as simple as you may think. The shimmering look requires several layers of product, including one that is only available in salons. The look can be mimicked if you want to go the DIY route, but the most convenient way to get glazed donut nails are with press on nail sets.

Here at The Nailest, you can find two different sets of press on nails that closely replicate Bieber’s viral look so you don’t have to make a trip to the salon or experiment with one of the many DIY ways to get that glazed, chrome-like shimmer. Check out our Baby Boomer Chrome Shiny Ombre Nails and Baby Boomer Ombre Chandelier Crystal Bling Glazed Donut sets. Both of these sets replicate the milky white, pinkish color and shimmery chrome top “glaze” that you and the rest of the internet have come to know and love but differ slightly with their finish. As the name suggests, the Shiny Ombre Nails are shiny and glossier, while the Ombre Chandelier Crystal Bling nails have a more matte finish that won’t reflect as much light. Both come in a variety of shapes, including short square, short oval, coffin, almond, stiletto, and many more so you can get the shape that works best for you. Not sure which shape works best for your finger shape? Find out here!

If you know your nail trends like we do, you might remember the baby boomer nail trend from a few years ago, and it’s actually very similar to today’s glazed donut nail trend. Both are very simple looks that are understated yet effortlessly elegant and combine frosted (or glazed) and shimmery whites and pinks. It is worth mentioning that baby boomer nails typically have a little bit more pink to them, but you can’t deny the similarities between the two looks.

Want to try out the glazed donut nail trend for yourself but don’t want to or the hassle of DIY or have the time to go to the salon? Get a set of press on nails from The Nailest today!

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