The Best Nail Designs For Festival Event!

Summer is here, and with the warmer weather and sunnier days come opportunities for all your favorite outdoor activities that the winter months deprived you of! Along with camping, hiking, picnics, cookouts, and visits to the beach, another one of the most popular things to do in the summer is to attend a music festival. If you’re planning on enjoying the weather with some great music at festivals this summer, we know you’ll be putting a lot of thought into the outfits you’ll be wearing so you can stand out from the crowd and get some cute pictures for the gram. Don’t forget to include your nails in your festival style!

Putting together a stellar festival fit means going all out from head to toe, and that includes your nails. To help ensure your nails match your festival style, check out these different music festival nail designs and get inspired.

Dazzle Fairytale Ombre Crystal Accent Long Coffin Press On Nail Set

Putting together a super sparkly outfit with all the traditionally feminine colors like pinks and purples? Are you going for a festival fit that makes you look like a fairy? This set is perfect for you! The set comes in a long coffin shape and features an ombre color scheme that goes from purple at the top down to pink at the base. The music festival nails themselves are glossy and will shine in the summer sun, and the crystal accents at the base will add to the sheen even more. They’re truly a dazzling set.

Dazzle Sophisticated Ombre Crystal Accent Stiletto Nail Set

Maybe the long coffin shape is a little too much for you, but you’re still trying to give off sparkly fairy vibes. In that case, this stiletto nail set is perfect for you. It features a similar ombre color scheme as the set listed above, this time going from white at the top down to a pink at the base, and has the same crystal accents that’ll be dazzling when the sun catches them at the right angle. The smaller stiletto size is more manageable, making it a good choice if you’ll only be accessorizing your outfit with a small bag that can’t fit your phone, water bottle, or other handheld essentials.

Instant Luxury Acrylic Press-On Nails- Rose Gold Glory- Medium Coffin

With an understated look that features just the right amount of glam, this set is perfect for you rose gold lovers out there. Although each nail has a nude base, each features a slash of metallic rose gold for a flashy and exciting pop of color. If you’re not trying to make a huge statement with your festival fit but still want to look stylish and chic as you’re enjoying the tunes and the vibes, this is a great nail set for you.

Instant Luxury Acrylic Press-On Nails- Polychromatic- C-Curve Long Coffin

Planning a throwback fit? 90s fashion has been making a big comeback in recent years, and this set is the perfect throwback to the 90s with a different pastel color in each nail – pink, purple, blue, green, and yellow. They’re also a great choice if you’re wanting to create an outfit inspired by all the colors of the rainbow.


In addition to 90s fashion trends, 80s fashion trends are making a big comeback, and this nail set is great for an outfit that’s paying homage to the bright neon pastels that came to define the decade. With this set, every finger gets a different color, turning your hands into a gorgeous rainbow.

Looking for more cute festival nail ideas? Check out all the other gorgeous press-on nail sets The Nailest has to offer today and mark off another element of your perfect festival fit!

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