The Best Spooktacular Halloween Nail Design Ideas

The Nailest – Halloween Nails

Halloween is almost here, and we couldn’t be more excited! A lot of people love this time of year, not only because of the sweater weather, changing fall colors in nature, or pumpkin spice flavored everything, but because Halloween gives them the opportunity to use their imagination to create a costume and become someone or something else entirely for one night.

If you have been thinking about the costume and makeup you’ll wear ever since November 1st of last year, then we’d encourage you to put some thought into your nail look as well. After all, if you’re changing up your outfit and makeup to transform into someone or something else, you might as well give your nails a different look too! Even if you haven’t been looking forward to this spooktacular night or don’t plan on putting in a ton of effort into your Halloween look, you should still read on because the change of seasons means new nail trends!

Here are our picks for some of the best press on Halloween-themed nails that might be the perfect finishing touch your costume needs or a fun and festive addition to any outfit that you’d wear out and about.

Vamp Glossy Black Blood Red Ombre Nail Set

Instant Luxury Acrylic- Vamp Ccurve Long Coffin

If you plan on dressing up as a vampire for Halloween, this set is absolutely a must-have. Whether you’re going for a scary vampire, sexy vampire, sophisticated vampire, or something else, this glossy black and red set is the perfect addition to your costume. This set comes in a long stiletto shape that resembles the sharp fangs vampires famously have, and the red and black colors are a staple of these creatures of the night. However, you can choose from a variety of other shapes, including oval, square, almond, coffin, and more. After stiletto, we think the coffin shape would make the most sense since vampires famously sleep in coffins! The glossy finish gives this set a sleek, sophisticated look that you could think of as the reflections from the blood design that covers the tips of the nails. They’re not exactly blood-dripping nails, that would be a little much, but the blood-red color is still there. These Halloween style nails also make a great addition to a witch, or dark/evil nun-themed costumes!

Blood Drip Black Blood Red Splatter Drip Nail Set

Thought the set above was too tame? Then this Blood Drip set is right for you! It takes the bloody nails theme to the extreme with one black ombre nail that has glittering red blood dripping down it, two clear nails with red detail that looks like pooling blood, and matte ombre nails that go from dark black to dark red as if they’ve just been dipped in blood at the tip and have dried. It’s a great set if you’re dressing up as a vampire, spooky nurse, or famous killer. These Halloween-themed nails are great if you want to lean into the spooky theme this time of year!

Witch Hunt Glossy Black Purple Ombre

With two of the most common colors associated with Halloween – purple and black – this set gives off super witchy vibes, making it perfect for a witch-themed costume this Halloween. Whether you’re going as a witch, sorcerous, enchantress, or any other term for a magic user, these Halloween-themed press on nails are the perfect addition to your costume.

These three sets all come with 10 nails, but you can choose to get a set with 20 – two of each size – if you’re unsure about sizing or want an extra set to wear with your costume on another night. Nails can be applied with nail glue or adhesive tabs, depending on your preference. Shop our collection today to get the final finishing touch your Halloween costume needs!


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