Holiday Nails for every occasion

With the holidays come a lot of opportunities to dress up at parties, dinners, and other gatherings with family, friends, and co-workers. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been looking forward to this time of the year. Not only do we have festivities, seasonal treats, and, yes, presents, but the holidays give us a great excuse to wear fanciful and bright nail art to match the season. After all, if you’re getting all dressed up from head to toe in a holiday-inspired look, why not include your nails? We all have different ways of celebrating the holidays, and this is one of the ways we can all express our festive cheer.

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to add some holiday spirit to your nails, a glam up for holiday parties, or just a neutral look for the season, read on to discover our top holiday nail ideas!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Press On Nail Set

We know that pastels are not the colors that are traditionally associated with the holiday season – for most people, it’s dark greens and deep reds – but there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up, and we think pastels work for winter too. The nude, pink, and purple pastels contrast with each other well and make for an unexpected color scheme. What makes this set a holiday nail are the little twinkling stars that adorn each nail. You could think of them as representative of the Star of Bethlehem that’s commonly associated with the Christmas holiday, twinkling holiday lights, or just the actual stars we can see better at night now that it gets darker sooner.

Rad Red Press On Nail Set

No other color is associated with the holiday season as much as red is, so we had to include one of our favorite sets of bright red nails on this list. This extravagant color will bring a pop to any outfit, but it’s not the only reason why this set might make your nails stand out. We also include a golden, glittery, and sparkling nail in this set that makes for a gorgeous holiday color combo and is sure to attract admiring eyes.

Unicorn Chrome Press On Nail Set

Snow is one of the things that makes the holiday season so special, and many people hope for their neighborhoods and cities to be covered in white blankets during these months – the song is “White Christmas,” after all. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of snow, you can’t deny that this set of holiday press on nails perfectly replicates that shimmer of a freshly fallen sheet of snow when the sun hits it at just the right angle. This set is perfect for adding a little sparkle to your holiday season and is a must if you’re attending a white-out themed party.

Flamingo Curve Press On Nail Set

If you’re looking for a minimalist style without being boring, this set is a great option for this holiday season. The base is a neutral shade which gives the nail a very understated look, but the stripes of pink and white keep it from being too dull. We think they somewhat resemble the stripes on a candy cane or flowing ribbons used to wrap presents, and the pink color is a unique change from what would typically be a shade of red.

Coffin Solid Press On Nail Set

This set gives you a variety of options for your nails this season. Choose from classic holiday colors like burgundy, crimson red, and white, along with a variety of others to give your nails a pop of color and go with the outfits you have planned. They’re great for the times when you just want a simple look and also make for a great base if you want to make your own custom holiday-themed nails with paint, jewels, glitter, and other decoration. Regardless, we consider them an essential for this holiday season.

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