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You want your nails to look great no matter what. Press on nails can give your nails a whole new look. We found too many of these nails just couldn’t get the job done. They broke too easy. We couldn’t find the style we were looking for. Even when we found something that was OK, we didn’t feel like it was specific for us, you know? That’s partially why we started our own company. We looked at the nails other people were making. We saw what worked and we saw what didn’t. That way, we could give our customers the best of all worlds. In this blog, we’ll go over what separates our nails here at the Nailest from the rest.

Press on Nails at the Nailest

Our nails are durable. When your nails chip or break, it can ruin even the best night. You could be having the time of your life, whether your friends or with that special someone. Then, when your nails go wrong, that’s the kind of thing that will be in the back of your head. That’s the last thing we want our customers to have to go through. So, our nails are durable. They can be reused over and over again. When you put these nails on, you won’t have to worry about “is this the time when they’re going to break on me?” With our nails, we wanted to give our customers the peace of mind that comes from having a sturdy product.

Press on Nails

What We Offer

When you get nails from us, you get more than just nails. For example, when you get a nail set, you’ll get the nails, a nail buffer, a mini nail file, alcohol wipe, storage box and a wooden stick. Of course, we understand that each of our customers may not exactly how to put on these nails in the best way for them. So, that’s why we provide detailed instructions, too. These explain how you can apply and remove your nails simply and easily. Instead of fighting with these nails or struggling with them, they can be easy to put on and take off from the moment you open the box.

Custom Nails

Have you ever looked a catalog of nails for sale and thought “none of these are for me?” That happened to us all the time. We soon realized that the best way to get the nails we wanted was to make them ourselves. Here at the Nailest, we bring that spirit to each of our nails. So, all of our nails are 100% custom. They’re “order to made.” This means that we don’t make these nails months in advance and then leave them to sit storage somewhere or something. These nails are made for your order, so they’re made specifically for you. That way, you can get as much out of these nails as possible. You can truly make these nails your own.

Custom Designs

Do you have a nail design that you want to see become a reality? Have you always known what the right nails are for you but have never been able to find that exact design? We’ve got you. We take custom design orders. You aren’t limited by what someone else thinks nails should be anymore. You can make nails that perfectly fit your body. You know how you look best and how you want to look. We can provide you with the nails to make it all come together.

We know that everyone’s nail needs are different. That “cookie cutter,” “one size fits all” stuff doesn’t work with nails. So, even beyond custom orders, we have several different kinds of nail collections to help you get your best look. “Bling Bling,” “Instant Glam” and “Dazzle” are nail collections that have the appropriate names. “Chrome Mirror” nails have a luminescence all their own. Our “signature” line of nails is one that we’re particularly proud of. On top of all that, “Basic Simple” is exactly what it sounds like: nails for your everyday life. These are the nails that can provide the foundation for everything else that you do.

We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to nails. That’s why we do everything we can to offer our customers as many different kinds of nail options as possible. Additionally, that’s also why we keep making new kinds of nails, too. If you go to our site, you’ll see that we have a section called “New Additions.” We’re proud of the nails we offer, but we’re always looking to make them better, too. Check there often, as we’re always adding new nail creations. With nails that you press on, it’s easy to save money while looking like a million bucks.  To learn more about our nails, just head on over to our site.

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