Our Designer Press on Nails

We offer all different kinds of designer press on nails. The catalog of nails at our site is deep and vast. It’s important to keep in mind that we’re always creating new nail designs, too. The nails that look great on you today may be a bit tired tomorrow. That’s why we’re always searching for the next new nail trends. By continually staying ahead of the curve, we can always offer our customers the best. In this blog, we’ll cover some different kinds of our designer stick on nails as well as how they might work for you.

Nailest Designer Press on Nails

No matter which of our designer press on nails you choose, they’re going to be durable. You can wear these nails again and again. It’s hard to feel as good about yourself as you should if you hear a voice in the back of your mind saying “what if your nails break?” You won’t have to worry about that with our nails. Specifically made to be sturdy, they can be worn again and again. When you put your nails on, you should be able to trust that they’re going to be there for you when you need them. Those are the kinds of designer stick on nails that we offer.

Basic Simple

They may be “simple” in color and design, but there’s nothing “basic” about these nails. For example, our “Solid Neutrals” are of the highest quality and gel polished. These nails make up for our best neutral/nude collection. It’s important to keep in mind that we’re always looking for ways to customize these nails so that they better fit our customers. After all, these are your nails. They’re going to be on your body. So, they should look exactly how you want these nails to look. Should you buy this particular set, be sure to send us a note that says if you want “Matte” or “Glossy.” If you don’t send us that note, that’s OK, too! We’ll just send you the great looking “Glossy” finish.

Designer Press on Nails

Your Nail Designs, Your Nails

We’re a company that always listens to our customers, literally. We make these designer stick on nails when you order them, except for those marked “ready to ship.” So, that means that these nails were created in a very real way just for you. This also helps us to get people the nails they want more quickly. For example, we get notes all the time from the customers thanking us for “completing their set” and getting them the nails they needed for a special night. With the right nails on, you’ll look amazing essentially everywhere you go. That’s the kind of feeling we’re looking to give our customers.

Instant Glam, Ready to Ship

The nail collections labeled “Instant Glam” are among our “ready to ship” collections. Indeed, that was the most fitting name for these nail collections. After all, that’s the effect of these press on nails. From the moment they’re put into place, you’ll look oh so much more glamorous. In addition to all of the colors and designs, you can get them in different shapes as well. “Coffin,” “Stiletto,” and many more – there are nails that make the statement you want to make. Of course, always remember that we take custom designs, too. We can make your nails the way you want them to look.

We’re proud to offer everyone the kind of nails that they’re looking for. There’s nothing exclusionary about our luxury nails – they’re for anybody. We make sure to offer great nails at a reasonable price. So, anyone who wants their nails to look better can put these nails on. Beyond price, our nails fit everyone as well. With our sets of nails, they fit size 0 through 9. So, these nails will fit anyone. Some of our customers have fingers that are a bit larger; some might be more on the smaller side. Many more fit in between those two extremes. When you order nails from the Nailest though, you’ll be able to find nails that fit you perfectly. They’ll fit your size, they’ll fit your budget, and they’ll fit your style.

This was supposed to be a blog about the different styles of nails that we have, but there are so many different styles available at our site there was no way that we were going to be able to  mention them all. If you scroll through our site, you’ll notice “Bling Bling,” “Chrome,” “Unicorn” and many others. Additionally, when you order our nail sets, you’ll get a wooden stick, mini nail file, alcohol wipe, instructions on how to put them on and take them off, storage box and nail buffer. You can even get $10 off for each friend you refer to us! Find the nails you’ve been looking for at the Nailest.

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