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“Bling Bling” is one of those phrases that you know what it means without hearing the definition. With Bling Bling, you know it when you see it. Wikipedia uses the definition “referring to flashy, ostentatious or elaborate jewelry and ornamented accessories that are carried, worn or installed.” Many of our nails are flashy. Several of them are ostentatious or elaborate. However, only a few earned the right to be called Bling Bling. In this blog, we’ll cover some of our Bling Bling nails as well as other custom press on nails options at our site.

Bling Bling Custom Press on Nails

Bling Bing press on nails, like many of the nails at our site, are custom made for you. That means that when you place an order with us, we make the nails and then mail them over to you. These nails weren’t made a while back, waiting in storage for someone to buy them. These nails were made specifically for you and your order. Beyond that, we can also make your custom designs, too. All you have to do is reach out to us, and we’ll do what we can to accommodate with you. This way, you can always have nails that fit you exactly. With custom made nails, your nails will be truly yours.

Egyptian Designs

Ancient Egypt was one of the true cradles of civilization. Their influence on art and even culture lives on, millennia later. Our “red Egyptian Princess” and “black Egyptian Princess” sets will truly make you look and feel like the queen of the Nile. As with so many others of our nails, you can get the size and shape that fits your hand. Oval, square, almond, coffin – these nails come in a shape that will be most appropriate for your look. By that same token, you can get them in your size, too. If you don’t know what exactly what your size is, that’s OK, too. It’s easy to order a full set of twenty nails. That way, you’ll get two nails of each size.

Custom Press on Nails

Barbie and Goldilocks

There’s “pink” and then there’s “Pink.” Our Barbie Pink nails are the latter. The pink in these nails is genuinely eye catching; the kind of bright, bold color that makes a bright, bold statement. The same can be said of our 24K Goldilocks nails. In the story, Goldilocks can’t quite make up her mind. These nails make it so that you don’t have to choose: you get the boldest gold with the stateliest black. With these nails, you’ll get the best of all worlds: luxury, durability and contrast.

Layers of Bling

Even in the Bling Bling section of the Nailest, our nails have varying amounts of “bling.” For example, the “Diamonds Forever” nails have plenty of bling. Matte based with crystal detail, these nails have plenty of eye popping crystals. For the next level of bling, the “Fearless Swarovski Crystal” set is for those with no regrets. The beautiful Swarovski crystals shine in any scenario. These nails epitomize sparkle. There are many nails with bling available and then there’s the “Show Stopper” set. These nails are, as the site says, “all bling.” That means they’re covered top to bottom with clear AB crystal. When you want as much bling as possible on your nails, then you want “all bling.”

It’s important to keep in mind that while we’ve mentioned many of our nails with “bling” in this blog, those aren’t the only kinds of nails that we offer. Indeed, our “Basic Simple” collection has plenty of nails that look great without being covered in crystals. “Solid Neutrals” and “Solid Brights” come in matte or glossy to make sure you look your best. The “Instant Glam” nails also may not be packed with crystals, but they are packed with plenty of great nail colors are designs. You don’t have to add bling to get the nails that you want.

Of course, no matter which of our nails you get, they’re all reusable. Durable and sturdy, you won’t have to worry about them cracking or breaking down on you when you want to look your best. To make sure that your nails always look their best when you use them, here’s a little tip: look into getting a cheap electric nail file if you prefer nail glue. Gently buffing away glue build-up on the back of the nails is easy. You can make sure they’re clean before you reuse them, that way they’ll look their best for an even longer period of time. Better still, you don’t need the most top of the line, expensive electric nail file to do this, either.

If you want the nails with the most bling, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for great, durable nails to wear wherever, we’ve got you covered there, too. To see all of our nails, give us a call at or head to our site.

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