Handmade Press on Nails, Always

We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to press on nails. You can go to some of the biggest sites on the internet to find the nails you’re looking for. However, when we were putting together the Nailest, we realized something: too many nails are made by machines. Sure, someone may have originally made the designs by hand, but the actually construction of the nails themselves was done by machines. The human touch is important to us. Here at the Nailest, we always offer handmade press on nails. In this blog, we’ll cover why that’s better as well as some other service that we offer our customers.

Our Handmade Press on Nails

One of the most important things about handmade press on nails is that they’re always a bit different. Sure, we make the nails that you order, the right size and design. But, when they’re created by hand, there will always be tiny differences. This ensures that you get a specific set of nails that no one else has. When you buy nails from the Nailest, these are your nails. There isn’t any other set exactly like them on the planet. That’s just one of the many benefits to getting your nails made by hand.

Professionally Made

Of course, getting your nails made by hand isn’t worth it if the hands belong to a beginner, or someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. That’s not the case with us. We have years of experience. We’ve been making nails by hand for a very long time. So, in that time, we’ve seen what doesn’t work and what works perfectly. All of that experience goes into each set of nails. When you get nails from us, you’re getting the culmination of several years of work and dedication. That’s what goes into every set, that’s what goes into every nail. After all, we didn’t call it “The Nailest” for nothing.

Handmade Press on Nails

Fresh Designs, Fresh Nails

As we make our nails by hand, we often make them custom to order. That means that once you make the order, we make the nails. This means that you won’t be buying nails that have been sitting on a shelf forever. You won’t be purchasing nails that were buried in the nook of a warehouse. The nails you order are the nails that are made. As soon as you place that order, we get to work on making a set of nails that are specifically what you were looking for. In a very real, tangible way, we make these nails specifically for you.

Customized Nails and More

As we make the nails by hand, that gives us more control to make these nails exactly for you. Everyone has a different sized hand. Just because your hand is a certain size doesn’t mean that you should be kept from wearing the kinds of nails that you want to wear. So, when you place an order with us, we make the nails specific to your size and your hand. On top of that, we offer customized designs, too. When you have an idea for nails that you want to try, let us know. We’ll make them specifically just for you. Whether you’ve drawn it out in great detail or just have a vague idea, contact us. We’ll whip it up for you, in hopes of giving you the nails of your dreams (literally).

Even though we make these nails by hand, we do make them quickly. When you place an order, we get right to work on those nails so that you can have them as soon as possible. We ship our nails through USPS. Of course, we understand that sometimes things come up. Maybe you just found out about a big event that you were invited to last minute and you want to make sure that you have the right nails for the occasion. We’ve got you there, too. Simply click on the “Rush Order” option on our site. There, we speed up the processing time considerably.

Instead of having to wait the typical two to three weeks to get your nails, you can get them in three to five days. So, if you get invited to something during the beginning of the week, you could have the nails that make you look absolutely incredible by the time the weekend rolls around. Indeed, as we make our nails by hand, this enables us to do this for you. It’s important to note that when we offer this “rush option,” it’s not just limited to one set of nails. If you want to get multiple sets of nails rushed to you, that’s possible, too. To find out more information about our luxurious nails by hand, or how rush orders work, send us a message through our site or give us a call at .

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