Luxury Custom Nails

There are a lot of places that say they offer “luxury custom nails”. However, when you see the nails, they don’t inspire real feelings of luxury. “Luxury” isn’t the kind of thing that you should have to search for. When you see it, you should know that it’s there. Those are the kinds of luxury nails that we offer. In this blog, we’ll go over what some of our luxury nails are. Additionally, we’ll go over the kinds of custom nails that we offer.

Our Luxury Custom Nails

The definition of “luxury” is “free or habitual indulgence in or enjoyment of comforts and pleasures in addition to those necessary for a reasonable standard of well-being.” That’s what our nails are: they are a free and habitual indulgence. The “Dazzle” collection is a good example of this. If you go through it, you’ll see quite clearly why we called this collection “Dazzle.” Indeed, there was no other name we could appropriately give this collection. It’s important to point out though that each of these different styles are dazzling in different ways. The “Dazzle Black – Stiletto with Foil Accent Set” is dazzling in how the black contrasts with the foil. By that same token, the “Dazzle red with Foil Accent Set” is a bright, constant dazzling that will light up a room from the moment you enter.

Luxury Custom Nails

The Most Dazzling

Perhaps the most dazzling of all of our designer press on nails in the Dazzle collection is the “Dazzle Amazonite Chrome Stiletto Crystal Nail set. The green chrome and crystal accent of these nails is truly something to behold. Other nails in the Dazzle collection may be dazzling, these are literally blinding. For all intents and purposes they glow, which means that you’ll glow when you wear them, too. The green chrome is also known as “Amazonite,” which is appropriate, as there’s something untamed about these crystal nails.

Dazzle and Smoke

You don’t have to have all bright nails to bring the dazzle, of course. The “Dazzle Smoke – With Oil Slick Foil Accent Set” features solid grey-ish purple matte finished nails with slick foil accents. They come in the coffin shape, but they’re utterly full of life. As you can see in the picture on our site, most of the nails have the grey/purple design that may feel a bit muted but still completely stands out. In fact, it makes the nails that do dazzle all that much more entrancing. It’s important to note that to get these kinds of nails you don’t have to spend a dazzling amount of money. In fact, the nails we’ve mentioned in this blog can be yours for less than $30. You can have dazzling nails and a dazzling bank account, too.

Chrome Mirror Nails

Our luxurious mirror chrome nails positively shine. These nails have a brightness to them that simply leaps off of your fingers. They can shine with colors that you might not necessarily associate with shining, either. For example, the “Instant Glam – Peachy Chrome Set” is so bright and light. What makes it so unique is that it has a very “peachy” color. Most people hear “peach” and tend to think of it as a color that is soft or even muted. However, as these nails show, peachy can be bold and forceful indeed.

“Iridescent” means “displaying a play of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow.” That’s an appropriately fitting name for our “Instant Glam – Blue Iridescent Chrome Full Set” of nails. While they may not show all of the colors of the rainbow, they do show the boldest, most striking blue that you’ll ever see. Depending on the light where you are, the blue might look different. However, no matter what kind of lighting you’re in, the blue of these nails will make a clear statement.

When we say that we offer “custom nails,” we mean that in multiple ways. For example, you can get our nails in the size that best fits you. That means you can get them in extra small and you can get them in extra large. Of course, you can also get them in every size in between. When you shop at the Nailest, you won’t be turned away from getting the nails you want due to your hand size. We give you the ability to make the nails you want truly yours.

On top of that, we’ll make your custom nail designs, too. Maybe you know what the exact perfect nails for you would be, but no one’s made them. Or, perhaps there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, but you haven’t found something that matches it yet. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll figure it out. To send us a message, just send one to us through our site or give us a call at .

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