Dazzle Everyone with Handmade Press-On Nails

You have probably watched plenty of red carpets and fashion shows on TV or on Internet videos. Maybe you even watch interviews with your favorite actresses, models, or celebrities, taking in the beautiful outfits they wear and great accessories like shoes, handbags, jewelry, and makeup. One thing you always seem to notice is just how great their nails look wherever they go, and you long to have nails that are long, sparkly, and dazzling. You don’t have to have naturally long nails that you spend hundreds of dollars to sculpt at a salon to get that look. You can have the dazzling nails you want when you invest in the handmade press-on nails we offer here at The Nailest.

All Nails are Handmade

When you purchase nail sets from us at The Nailest, you will get nails that are handmade and custom made just for your order. Our nail sets take two to three weeks to ship because we create each set as the orders are placed. You will get nails that are made to the size specifications you need, and you can select from the amazing color and design options we offer. We have many different sets so you can have nails to wear to work, out on a date, to that special party, or just a night out of fun with your girlfriends.

Handmade Press-On Nails

Press-On for Easy Wear

The handmade press-on nails you choose are simple for you to use and apply so that you can do it yourself as you get ready for your night out. We include the instructions you need for application along with several accessories to help you along the way. We also offer nail glue or nail adhesive tabs for purchase to assist you with your application. Press the nails into place, and you can have the nails that impress everyone.

Handmade Nails Make a Difference

Do not settle for those basic, generic nail sets you see for sale at your local drug store or cosmetics store. You can get beautiful, handmade press-on nails without spending a fortune when you order nails from us at The Nailest. Shop online at our website and place your order today. Orders over $55 can get free First-Class U.S. shipping so you can save even more, letting you have fantastic, dazzling nails that set you apart. You deserve the best nails available, and we are the best!

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