What Shape Looks Best for Your Nails.

Although they may not be what you’d immediately notice about a set of nails, fingernail shapes are an important part of creating a specific look. Not only do the different shaped nails give off different vibes and have different personalities, but certain shapes will look better on your fingers than others. Furthermore, selecting the right shape can complement the color of your nail, making it even more attractive, unique, or visually interesting. This is something every nail artist and manicurist will tell you, along with the fact that playing with the shapes you can create with your hands can be just as fun as playing around with different colors and designs.

Considering the variety – oval, square, almond, square round, and more – it can seem like a daunting task to figure out which shapes best match your style and natural nail shape. We realize that, so we set out to create this nail shape guide to help you better understand what all the different shapes are, and which are best for the different hand shapes. Choosing the best nail shape for your hand isn’t something you should ignore, so read this nail shape guide to find out which shapes might be best for you.

What shapes are there?

Natural: This one is pretty self-explanatory: the natural nail shape is simply how nails grow as they please.

Oval: The oval shape typically goes out a few millimeters past the fingertip, ending in a semicircle. It can make wide fingers appear slimmer and achieves a very feminine look.

Square: Square nails can be identified by a straight line across the top edge that’s been squared off (hence the name). They achieve a very elegant look and work best for those with long, slim fingers or thin hands. Of all the shapes, they’re the lowest maintenance.

Almond: The almond shape is very similar to the oval, only with a slimmer and more tapered tip that looks like a peak, resembling the shape of the nut with the same name. The shape works best on longer nails and can help wider fingers appear slimmer.

Square Round: The square round shape combines elements of both the oval and square shape to achieve a square-shaped nail with rounded corners that don’t have as hard of an edge. You may also see this shape called a “soft square,” but they describe the same thing.

Squoval: A squoval nail is essentially the square round shape that’s been elongated to where it’s no longer a square but a rectangle. It captures the elegance and femininity of the oval but has a flatter tip. It’s universally flattering and looks great on all fingers.

Coffin: It’s a bit morbid, but if you can imagine the traditional shape of a coffin, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what the coffin shape looks like on your nails. It’s long, slim, and tapered to a flattened tip to create an edgy yet still very feminine shape.  

Stiletto: The stiletto nail is striking, ending in a sharp point that makes a statement. It’s similar to the almond shape, only longer and much more pointed with a more extreme taper.

Hand types

Hi-five hands: If you have a long palm and short fingers, then you’ve got what is called hi-five hands. The oval shape is best for this hand shape, as it will make fingers appear longer to match the size of your palm.

Grounded hands: You have grounded hands if your palms are wide and your fingers are short, if not wide themselves. Almond and oval nail shapes will work best for you because they can elongate wider or shorter fingers.

Piano hands: People with piano hands have wide palms and long fingers. The stiletto shape works best for these kinds of hands, as the shape is enhanced by the lengthy fingers.

Generous hands: If you have a long palm and long fingers, then your hands can be described as generous hands. That means you’re one of the lucky few that can pull off square nails with ease!

Now that you know the best nail shapes for your finger and hand size, it’s time to get some stellar press-on nails that you know will have you looking great. Browse our collections today and order now!


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