What is Baby Boomer Nail? Learn everything about Baby Boomer Nail!

Currently, the baby boomer nail trend is all the rage globally, and for a good reason. At The Nailest, we have incorporated this nail option into our collection to provide a perfect blend of timeless style and minimal nail art. If you prefer a more classic nail look to the colorful, over-the-top nail trends, then the baby boomer style is perfect for you!

Our baby boomer nail trend provides an artistic twist to the classic French manicure: unlike the classic style that features contrasting tips on a light pink base, baby boomer nails feature the perfect blend of white and pink to create a charming gradient effect.

Origin of the Baby Boomer Nail Trend

A quick google search of “baby boomer nails” will result in Ombre French manicure images, which you have probably seen before in a variety of American nail salon displays. However, the style gets its name from European countries where it became a massive trend in 2018. The evolved French manicure look dates back to the 1940s, the beginning of the baby boomer generation period which lasted until the mid-60s.

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At the Nailest, we have several press-on nail styles to satisfy the needs of those looking to try out this baby boomer nail trend. The Handmade Soph Ombre is for those who prefer the classic look but ifyou prefer more edge and bling, you can choose between the Handmade Cherry Pop Bling and Chandelier Crystals Bling. We also offer acrylic styles like the Instant Luxury Acrylic and Instant Glam Baby Boomer Regular Coffin new Package and Baby Boomer Medium Coffin.

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