The Nail Art Each Zodiac Sign Should Try


Zodiac signs are one of the most interesting tools that help us understand ourselves, our place in the world, and how we relate to the world around us better. For those interested in updating their nails appeal but have no idea where to start, these zodiac sign nails can be a perfect guide. Below are some press-on nail styles you can select based on your zodiac sign.

Let’s have some fun and see which nail art works best for you, depending on your zodiac sign:



First of the signs, Aries is the strongest and they’ve been born with a desire to push forward and leave their mark on the world by showing everyone just how awesome they are. We think the Instant Luxury Acrylic- Pixie Love style best suits this goal. The style is eye-catching enough to make an impression, but not too much to distract from the overall vibe you’re trying to go for.



Tauruses LOVE luxury and they aren’t afraid to show the world. Not one to keep the appearance of modesty, they prefer to flaunt and work it, which is why the set of Galore Crystal set will fit any Taurus like a glove. They are truly a statement piece, and the gems will shine bright when the lights hit them!



We all know Geminis have 2 sides to them, so it makes sense to look for a nail that embodies this duality. Some will claim Geminis are unpredictable, and you never know which side of their personality you're going to get but we think Geminis are some of the more complex signs. Having a sensitive and intellectual side they can seamlessly switch between with ease, they just take some time to get to know and understand.  Hence why the Nude Beige Tangerine Or Ultra Pink Ombre set is the perfect style for all the Geminis out there!



Is there any other sign that embodies sensitivity and empathy better than Cancers? They are highly intuitive people who can easily pick up on the vibe of a room and naturally gravitate towards styles or colors that bring a sense of balance and harmony. These Basic Nude nails can be easily added to any style, making it the perfect addition for a Cancer looking for balance. 



Perhaps they’re a bit on the dramatic side, but everyone loves the charm and power of a Leo. There is rarely anything subtle about them, so why should their manicures be any different?  Leos should opt for the Instant Luxury Acrylic- Polychromatic press-on set to really stay true to their zodiac sign and an anything-but-subtle manicure look.



Virgos typically love routine and find tremendous joy in acts of service and kindness. Nothing soothes a Virgo’s heart more than putting a smile on someone's face or crossing an item off their to-do list. Virgos tend to play with all the options available when it comes to nail shapes, although they prefer to stick to natural and minimalist designs, making our Simple Line set an excellent option for Virgos.



Libras are natural lovers of balance, meaning they’ll usually gravitate towards nail looks and colors that won't clash with their aesthetic. However, they are well known to like something out of the ordinary and prefer to have an artistic edge to neutral colors through details such as French manicures. This makes the Instant Luxury Acrylic- Pastel Glory   a perfect pick for a Libra.



Scorpios are famous for their ability to communicate beyond words through their kinetic energy. They are both mysterious and magnetic and love to ignite hedonism and danger in themselves and others. Often extremely intense, Scorpios are never afraid to embrace life's darker sentiments. The Tia Peacock Set is an excellent option for a Scorpio because of its artistic blend of dark colors against contrasting light.



Always supercharged with vivacious youth and confidence, Sagittariuses are energetic almost to the point of being wild. They are optimists, maneuvering through life in a free-spirited style and the Instant Glam Bare Cheetah set is the perfect nail set for a Sagittarius to express the lust for life and the fiery spirit of a sag.



Capricorns are well known for their courageous and classic spirit. They have a fondness for power and their fearless self-drive enables them to continually climb the career ladder in a number of different fields. However, they opt not to break with tradition, so it’s rare to find them going for over-the-top nail art. Instant Glam Solid Glossy Medium Stiletto is a great option to suit the dynamic yet classic vibe that’s so fitting of a Capricorn. It also comes in a wide range of colors to suit everyone’s taste.



Often finding adventure and bright ideas alluring, an Aquariuses goal is to always flow forward and look for more out of life. They are very much aligned with the cosmos and stars, so it is only natural that they would opt for nail art with sky and cosmic-themed spikes. Thus, the Black Starburst Flake Bling is ideal for an Aquarius.



Pisces is the last of the zodiac signs, meaning they are a good mix of each. This makes a Pisces the most spiritual and intuitive sign of, all so colored nails with a mystical hue are the ideal option for them. The OG unicorn perfectly reflects the aura of the Pisces.


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