What Are Press on Nails and Why Should You Get Them?

What Are Press on Nails?

Press on nails were once a hot item in the 1980s and 1990s, but they were plagued because of bad press owing to the poor quality. They lost steam as the new millennium started, but are now making a major comeback with an improvement in quality.

Press on nails are applied on top of the nail surface using glue and are commonly used by people that are in a hurry or those that prefer not to paint their own nails. They are regularly compared to acrylic nails, with whom they are slightly similar.

Press On Nails

Why Should You Get Them?

Press on nails is not another passing fad. They’ve cemented their legacy over two lifetimes and are itching to become a favorite among nail enthusiasts everywhere.  If you want to know why see the reasons below.

  1. They’re inexpensive, way cheaper than acrylic nails or a full-on gel manicure

One of the biggest attractions to press on nails is that they are super affordable, way more affordable than the usual gel manicure or their direct competitor, acrylic nails. You can get a pack of good KISS press on nails for as low as $7 or less via H&M or Amazon. That’s about $20 or less than a manicure-themed salon visit.

  1. They can be applied from anywhere

Press on nails have the uncanny advantage of being easy to apply by yourself, so you can apply them from anywhere. No need for the salon.

The famous Congresswoman of New York’s 14th district, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, once posted an Instagram Stories video of her applying press on nails during a train ride at 1 am. If that isn’t enough evidence of how they can be applied anywhere, what else is?

  1. They take less time to apply, less time than a salon visit

It’s a fact: applying a full set of press on nails can take less than 10 minutes with prior preparation. On the other hand, a good salon visit, assuming the salon is close by, takes way more than 30 minutes, even for simple manicures.

  1. They allow quick switching between two different looks

So, imagine you have two different events in one day, and each one of them calls for a completely different look. With the press on nails, you can pull off one set and use another as you go from one event to another.

Or, you can just paint the current set of press on nails with the new color you prefer and as many times as you want. There’s no harm done; you aren’t applying the polish on your own nails.

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