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Press on nails is in right now, according to all major beauty outlets, major celebrities, and major Insta-influencers. They’ve been hailed for their affordability, ease of application and ease of removal. Others love custom press on nails because they can be filed to fit any nail shape.

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But there’s more to press-on nails than just their unique advantages. Before you get them and walk out the door feeling fabulous, you must put a few things into consideration. Here are 4 things you must know before applying press-on nails.

  1. You have to find the right size and shape for you

Press on nails is only good if they fit because if they don’t, they look terrible. Almost every press on nail package comes with a set featuring nails for the whole hand. If they don’t fit you, you can always make custom press on nails for yourself by shaping them with a blade.

To ensure proper fitting, shape them only after you’ve applied them onto the nail and not before.

  1. Always apply a base coat first before application

It’s a terrible idea to apply press-on nails directly onto your cuticles. It’s dangerous for your nails. Instead, apply a simple base coat on the nail surface for protection and strengthening purposes, then apply the press on nails.

  1. Glue press-on nails are better than adhesive press on, expert beauticians say

Almost all press on nails sold today is pre-glued nails. If they aren’t, then their packages come with extra glue for the purpose of fitting onto the natural nail surface. This glue can either be plain adhesive or plain glue.

According to expert beauticians, glue is the better choice for your press on nails, should you need to make one.  If you intend to buy glue/adhesive from someplace else, make sure it’s healthy for your nails and strong enough to keep your gorgeous press on adjoined to the natural nail surface through thick and thin.  

  1. You’ll need to soak your fingers first before removal

Applying press on nails is a breeze, and so is removing them. Some people worry about the difficulty of removing them, but there’s seriously nothing to worry about. It’s still not as easy as pulling the press on a nail off though.

Expert beauticians recommend that you soak your fingernails in warm water first to melt the glue underneath, after which you can slowly slide the press on nails off. Next, you’ve got to clean the remaining glue remnants off your nails and dry them.

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