The Beauty of Handmade Press-On Nails

Having amazing-looking fingernails is nothing new in the fashion world. However, not all of us have the money needed to go to the salon every few weeks to have our nails done. You can find yourself spending hundreds of dollars at a nail spa to get the look you want and then you must worry about taking care of it so that the nails last and hold up. There are better options for you today, and one of the significant trends you may find involves the use of press-on nails. The assortment of options for nails like this can seem overwhelming at first, but you may want to opt the beauty of the handmade press-on nails that we can create for you here at The Nailest.

Handmade Press-On Nails

Better Than Standard Press-On Nails

You can walk into any drug store or department store and find racks or packages of press-on nails for sale. While you can certainly save money going with these options, you need to know that the quality of the fake nails that you will get is not the best. The nails themselves are not made to last long and will not have the color, design, or sparkle that you may like. You then will need to spend the time to color and paint them yourself, and you may still not get the look you want. The nails you can get from us here at The Nailest go well beyond the standard items you will find at your local store. You get high-quality nails made to last and designed just the way you want them.

Handmade Nails with Beautiful Designs

The handmade press-on nails you can select from our store give you beautiful designs that are crafted by one of our artisans here at the shop. You will find dozens of possibilities for nails so that you not only get the color that you want for your nails, but you get the added features like crystals, glitter, and other unique color designs that help your fingernails sparkle and shine like never before. We can even do custom work for you if you have a special design in mind that you want for something like a wedding, birthday, bachelorette party, or another occasion.

Get Your Handmade Nails

If you would like beautiful handmade press-on nails that look better and cost less than nail salon options, shop with us here at The Nailest. You can find all the current options we offer for handmade designs and more on our website so you can place an order right away for the nails you want. Nails typically take three to four weeks to create for you, and as soon as they are complete, we can shop them out to you, so you have them for your special occasion or everyday wear. If you have any questions or would like to place a custom nail order, feel free to contact us using the contact form on our site and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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