Things to Know About Designer Press On Nails

If you’ve just ordered your first set of our designer press on nails, awesome! You are in for a beautiful set of lasting, gorgeous nails. However, it might be your first time getting these kinds of nails so if you’re uncertain about what you should know about the nails, here are a few tips.

Know your size

All nails are not created equally (ours are better than the others!) and knowing your correct size is important. If you’re confident you can measure your own nail to get an idea of the size you need by comparing it to our guide. If you’re not feeling certain about your correct size we do offer a full set so that you can get an idea of your correct size. It’s better to spend a little extra money to measure your nails than to buy one of our gorgeous sets and have it not fit perfectly.

Designer Press On Nails

Prep your nails

When you’re preparing to apply your new set of nails you want them to be clean and the correct shape. If your nails have old nail polish remember to clear it off and file the shape to what is similar to the nail you’re placing on.

Pay attention to your cuticles

When you’re about to apply your new luxury nail set you don’t want the nails to overlap with your natural cuticle. To avoid this you can prepare by pushing them back. You want to avoid any nail cuticle oil as it could affect the adhesiveness of the glue you use.

Let things dry!

We know how exciting it is to have your luxury nails but don’t do scratching your head or rifling through anything too soon. Give that glue time to dry correctly. You don’t want to lose a nail or mess up the glue before things get the chance to properly dry.

Treat them well while they are on

Don’t think that your nails can just hang around and not be cared for while you are wearing them. Check throughout your day that all of your nails are properly adhering. If you spend your hard earned money on our luxury sets we don’t want you to randomly lose one or two!

Aftercare is important

When you’re ready to take your nail set off make sure to take care of your nails. Our sets are reusable, so once you have removed them you can file off any dried glue that might be on the back of the nail. From there you want to treat your natural nails with care. This means following our removal instructions so that your natural nail doesn’t become compromised.

Love your nails and tell people!

Show off those beauties and treat them with care! We love our luxury nail sets and put time and love into making them. Tell people how much you love them! We know you will enjoy wearing them so share your joy via Insta, Twitter, and Pinterest, We love seeing our shoppers happy!

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