Custom Press on Nails

When we say we offer “custom press on nails,” we mean that these press on nails are custom. We don’t mean that they were made for someone else and then we shipped them off to you.  No, when we say our at home nail sets are custom made for you, that’s exactly what they are. While we offer some nail options that are “ready to ship,” which means that they were made ahead of time, our nails are made when for you when you order them. In this blog, we’ll explain that a bit further in depth while highlighting some of our newer press on nails.

custom press on nails

Our Custom Press on Nails

When you order your at home nail sets, we get right to work on making them.  As we make them special for you that means that it does take a minute to make sure they’re great. So, the time it takes for us to make these nails is three to four weeks. We understand that sometimes you really want your nail kit at home now. So, we’ve added a “Rush Order” option. That means that you can get your nails in just one week as opposed to three or four. Sometimes we know that you may want nails by a very specific date. Should that be the case, just send us a message!

Recent Press on Nail Sets

We’re always putting something in the “New Additions” part of our site. Once we come up with some new design of nails that we like, we make sure to put them right there. One of our newer nail designs is our “soph pink nude ombre set.” Iridescent, these nails come in mocha, pinky and toffee colors, their luster can brighten up an entire room. For something even brighter than that, we offer the “rose gold Hera crystal” set. Hera was one of the Greek goddesses who lived on Mt. Olympus. The crystal in these nails is fittingly divine. Sometimes, we come up with nails that are so fantastic no existing word can describe them. Hence, our “partyable multi shimmer mixed glitter gel set.” When seeing the multi-color shimmer of these nails, and how it mixes with the glitter gel, you’ll understand that really, the only appropriate name was “partyable.”

Fitting for Custom Nails

One thing we do tend to mention often is that it’s important to send us your most accurate nail size. We have a nail size chart on our site. That way, you can always get the nail kit at home that fits you best. To be clear, what we’ve mentioned above are only a few of the custom nails that we have to offer. In fact, we can even take requests, too. Should you have a design for nails that you’ve always wanted to see, something that you’ve never seen before, let us know, and we might be able to make it happen. To see all of our custom nails and more, head to our site for the complete press on nail catalog.  





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