Press On Nails, Are They for You?

Have you been thinking of getting press on nails lately? There are plenty of reasons why press on nails might be right for you. You’re probably looking for a specific, luxury look that makes you feel good without those crazy salon prices, right? Press on nail sets is great for those of us who don’t want to spend hours in a salon but still want that salon-fresh look. They are just as gorgeous as a professional set but the best part is, they only take a few minutes to put on! When you get a set of press on nails you can do it yourself which has its own awesome sense of empowerment. Think of showing off your great nails and being able to say “I did these!”

Press on nails

Press on nails allows you to pamper yourself in your own home. You can run a bath, exfoliate, go the whole nine yards on a personal spa day and a nice glass of wine and have a gorgeous set of nails when you’re all done. Press on nails come in the same amazing variety as the designs and colors you would request from a nail salon so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll find a set that fits your style. You can even opt for styles that aren’t easy to do on regular salon nails and you have the option to change them more often than your salon created nails. You can use nail adhesive tabs for a cute one or two day style or use nail glue to keep those beautiful nails on for up to two weeks! You also can get the perfect fit for your nails but ordering the size that will fit like a glass slipper.

If you’re still on the fence about whether press on nails is for you, you can consider how you’ll be using them. How often would you be scratching at things or digging around? Are you used to having long nails or short? Do you want to try out longer nails than your usual set? If you are saying yet then press on nails should be your go-to option. You can trial run a few different lengths and find which you like best without being dedicated to a particular length for long periods of time like you would with a traditional gel or acrylic nail set. Another fantastic thing about having press on nails is that you don’t have to go back to the salon for a fill or a touch-up!. You can just apply a new set and be on your way, looking fabulous! Lastly, press on nails has a wonderful lasting quality because ours are reusable! If you adore you set, you can take them off and gently file the back of any glue residue. If you have a set that you love and treat them well you could have them for much much longer than you would a traditional salon set.

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