Instant Glam Luxury Press On Nails

We’re constantly coming up with new kinds of press on nails. We get inspired, we think of something great, and we make new nails. Sometimes, it's designed we’ve been working on for a long time that we figured out how to make perfect. Other times, it’s something that comes to us at the moment that we just fall in love with. Recently, we’ve added a whole bunch of Instant Glam nails. In this blog, we’ll explain a bit about these luxury press on nails as well as showcase a few of our favorites.

luxury press on nails

These Luxury Press on Nails

Instant Glam nails are one of the kinds of nails we offer that are ready to ship. That means that in just one to two days, they’ll be ready to come to you. They make a perfect option for when you need something for the weekend and the week has already started. Hence, “instant” glam.  If you’ve been to our site before, you know that we mention how you should let us know your nail size, but with Instant Glam nails, you don’t have to. You don’t have to leave a note about your nail size, because these nails fit anyone. With them, you get a full set of 24 tips, which is two sets of sizes 0-9.

Wide Array of Designs

The “red paint splatter set” instantly draws eyes when you enter any room. Nude-based with red paint splatter, there’s something deliciously devilish about these nails. The black glossy silver glitter set, on the other hand, has a distinctly regal nature. The silver glitter mixes onto the base of these press on nails lighting the thick, black glossy color. For a different kind of glossy nail, we also have black and deep purple mixed glossy set that has shimmery tips. The shimmer at these tips makes an incredible impression.

Glitter and Chrome

With our glitter sets, you get coffin nails that come with a bright, striking glitter. We offer these in red, gold, lavender and rose gold. At our site, you’ll find the word “sugar” describing these sets, which is accurate on multiple levels. Each of these sets has a unique sweetness to them, and with the different colors available, you’re sure to find that one fits your inimical style. If you’re not the type for sugar and glitter, we have another option for you: satiny chrome. In a blue or red matte finish, our chrome nails come in a regular stiletto shape.

More than Nails

We don’t just send you the nails themselves. On top of that, when you purchase the sets, you’ll also get a nail buffer, a mini nail file, an alcohol wipe, a storage box, and a wooden stick. We understand that some of you may be new to press on nails, so we include detailed instructions on how to apply them as well as remove them, too. Above, we mentioned just a few of our new nails. To see everything, head to our site.





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