Instant Gel Manicure Starter Kit

$ 30.96 USD

Only 10 pieces in stock!

Discover the ultimate nail transformation with our Instant Gel Manicure Starter Kit!

Unveil stunning nails effortlessly with everything you need in one package: a chic style of semi cure gel nail wrap, a portable mini LED lamp for quick and easy curing, a no wipe top coat for that glossy finish, and a cuticle push stick for a professional touch.

Elevate your nail game at home with this all-inclusive kit that promises salon-quality results in the palm of your hand.

What's included?:  1 Instant Gel Manicure Wrap (Please pick a style), 1 Mini LED lamp, 1 No Wipe Top Coat, 1 Rubber Cuticle Push Stick

How to apply?: Click Here!

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