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STEP 1: Prep your nails by pushing back cuticles, file and buff your nails. This's an important step to long lasting wear!  Wipe thoroughly with alcohol wipe to remove all oils and dust.


STEP 2: Choose the right size and peel off the clear protective film. Place gently on your finger nail.


STEP 3: Use a cuticle push stick to apply pressure around the edges to get rid of any air bubbles.


STEP 4: Cut off the excess wrap with a mini scissor or clipper. File in a down direction to remove any excess wrap.  (Do not file upwards otherwise wrap will come off).


STEP 5: Cure under UV/LED light for 60 seconds. 


Pro Tip 1: Apply nail dehydrator to create optimal nail surface for applying nail adhesive glue/tabs by dissolving oils that reside on the nails.  

Pro Tip 2: Apply a top coat! Cover with a clear top coat to seal and prolong wear time. Put a little top coat over the edge of the nail too to seal the edge and make the wrap more strong and long lasting! Try our Instant Glaze top coat!



STEP 1: Saturate your nails with oil. (any will do- cuticle oil, olive oil, etc..)

STEP 2: Rub the oil in well and gently lift up the cuticle end of the wraps with a cuticle push stick.

STEP 3: Carefully peel and lift up the wrap.