Why Custom Press on Nails Are the Easiest Way to Stay on Trend

Press on nails have come a long way since your childhood. In fact, they’re one of the most on trend beauty choices right now. You can now choose from a huge number of colors, shapes and patterns so you can match them with any outfit and choose the style that best fits your preferences. If you’re not sure about trying them out, there are lots of great reasons to get on board with the custom press on nails trend. Check them out below.

Custom Press on Nails are Easy to Do at Home

If you don’t have time to get to the nail salon or you don’t have one that you like near your home, press on nails are the best alternative. Unlike the old version, the newer ones stay on for weeks and look much like the salon version. Simply use the included adhesive to stick the nails to your natural nails. It’s fast and easy and you can get a salon quality manicure right at home.

Custom Press on Nails

You Have Room for Experimentation

With press on nails you have some room to make mistakes and not have to go through the hassle of removing permanent acrylics. This gives you the chance to test out different colors, patterns and shapes until you find what you love. Press on nails are generally easier to remove and replace than salon nails so if you don’t like the look, you can simply take them off and try something else.

They’re a Cheaper Choice than the Salon

One of the biggest perks to press on nails is that they are less expensive than having them done at the salon regularly. That means you can stay on trend without spending a lot. They’re also ideal if you’re on a budget that doesn’t include bi-weekly trips to the nail salon. The Nailest is a great place to find a huge variety of press on nails at prices you can afford.

They Have Social Media Buzzing

Social media plays a huge role in something’s popularity and press on nails are no exception. Scroll through Instagram, for example, and get loads of inspiration for getting on board the press on nail trend. Once social media gets a hold of a trend, the sky is the limit. One of the biggest reasons why press on nails are having a moment right now is that they are all over social media. Use your social media feed to find ideas and styles that you want to try so that you’re always on point.

Press on Nails Offer Fast Results

Tired of trying to fit in a trip to the salon? Sick of the long wait once you get there? Press on nails takes care of both problems. Because they are created to be applied at home, you can get the results you want much more quickly. From start to finish, press on nails can be done is as few as ten minutes. Imagine what you can get done with all that saved time!

They’re Also Great for Special Occasions

Press on nails are the perfect solution for glamorous nails for a special occasion. Perhaps you are going to be in a wedding or are attending a big birthday celebration. Using press on nails means you can get the look you want for that occasion without the more permanent option that goes with going to the salon for acrylics. For short term nails, the press on option makes sense. With care you can also make press on nails last.

They are Completely Customizable

When you choose press on nails, you have all the power in terms of what they look like. You can modify the length, the color, the design and the shape. That means if you love long nails, you can have them. If you prefer shorter nails, you also have that option. At the same time, you can choose a solid color or a set of press on nails with a pattern, such as flowers or abstract art. You can also choose clear press on nails and paint and design them yourself. What a great way to express your individual style!

Tips for Choosing Press on Nails

First and foremost, you want something that looks natural. For that reason, choose press on nails that fit your natural nail size. Most packages have several sizes to choose from so you can apply the right one to each nail. If the nail is wider than your natural nail, it won’t feel comfortable to wear, but it also won’t look natural. Stick with a style and color that fits your personality and general style. It’s fun to experiment, but you want to choose press on nails that fit with what you wear on a day to day basis. Finally, choose press on nails you love. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

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