The Ultimate Guide to Modern Nails Using a Handy Nail Size Chart

If you’ve ever seen a nail size chart, you know that there are a bunch of different ways to wear your fingernails. Trends in the world of manicures come and go so it makes sense that the look, length and size of your nails changes with the times. If you like to keep things modern, it’s easy to stay on top of the latest and you can always find all sorts of up to date ways to make your nails stand out. Here is the ultimate guide from The Nailest to keeping your nails modern this year.

Wearability is Evident on Nail Size Charts

If you look back at what was popular in years past, you’ll see that ultra-long nails or very pointy nails had their time in the sun. However, 2019 is all about approachability and wearability. That means moderate lengths or even very short nails that are just a bit rounded, rather than being sharp or really long. That means you can wear them anywhere, including to work without having to change your manicure for every occasion.

An Updated French Manicure is Ultra Hot

Forget about the standard nude nails with white tips that you’re used to seeing. The French manicure has gotten a trendy update for modern times. Try it with a dark color at the tip or even layer two colors together at the end of your fingernails. Another modern twist on this old classic is to add nail art to one nail or to paint a couple nails completely in the same color as the tips of your nails. However you do it, you’ll be on trend all year long.

Transparent Nails are Having Their Moment

You might be thinking clear nails that haven’t been painted yet, but that’s not what this trend is about. Instead, it’s acrylics that are transparent so you can see through them, but in a range of colors that keep them looking finished. Try pink or glittery transparent nails. If you do opt for the clear version, be sure you keep them looking shiny so they don’t look like an undone manicure that got interrupted before it was finished.

nail size chart

The 80s are Back in a Big Way

The 1980s seem to be having a revival here in 2019, but with a modern update that keeps them looking fresh and new. Try neon colors topped with zebra stripes so just a bit of color peeps through. Or mixing and matching crazy patterns in a variety of colors. Anything that clashes totally works for this trend, as done a graffiti look. The more neon, the better!

Even Active Girls Can Stay on Trend

Not into long, bold nails. Never fear, because another modern trend that’s being seen in 2019 is short rounded nails that are ideal for an active lifestyle. Whether you’re a mom, you love to work out or you have a job that makes long nails impractical, short nails can still look ultra-modern. Make sure they’re all the same length and then paint them in deep dark colors for some drama or bright modern colors for some fun flair.

Long Square Nails are Super-Hot Too

If you prefer the long dramatic nail looks, long and square is the way to go. This style of press on nails is best done in a bright color with lots of embellishments. You can always go with a basic matte shade too. This trend is great for really long nails, but also works if you want something a bit shorter and more practical. Just be sure that all your nails are the same length.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Lots of Glitter

Glitter is never a bad idea when it comes to nail art. You can cover another pattern with a layer of light glitter to give your nails some definition and shine. Or you can cover the entire nail in a dark shade of glitter polish. You can even put a bit of glitter on just the tip of your nails or paint just one or two with glitter to create a textured and trendy effect. You can even mix and match shades of glitter to create your own sparkly look.

Modern Nails are Completely Customized

With the growing popularity of nail art, you can expect to be able to customize your nails any way you want in keeping with modern trends. Experimenting with patterns and designs is the way to go these days so don’t be afraid to mix things up. Try having your nails painted to match your favorite outfit, get your favorite character painted on or try having famous paintings done in miniature on each nail. Whatever you choose, it’s totally modern to stand out and your nail art is an easy way to do it.

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