The Nailest – What our Clients say about The Nailest Press-on Nails


At The Nailest, we realize that we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you! We consider ourselves lucky to have customers like you and like to think that we have the best customers of all the other custom nail salons and bars out there. When we went into business together and founded the company you now know and love as The Nailest, we had one simple goal in mind: to be a convenient, one-stop-shop nail store. Even before we made our first sale, before we launched the website, and even before we had a name in mind, we were focused on giving our customers – that’s you! – the best shopping experience possible. And it’s because of you all that we’ve been able to grow to the size we are today and have been so successful. That’s why we love you all so much, because none of this would be possible without your support.

We also try and show our customer appreciation through our selection of different nail sets, products, and styles – all at an affordable price point. We want every one of our customers to be able to find exactly what they’re looking for and not have price be a barrier between them and the look they want. And it’s you all and your love for nails that inspire us to keep finding new products and stay on top of the hottest nail trends.

We want to be the best custom nail bar because of you, and this is reflected in our name – The Nailest. The Nailest started out as just an idea between two friends in 2017, and neither could have imagined how successful we’ve been and what that idea has grown to become with your help. Love The Nailest? You should take some credit for what we’ve grown into because not only do we appreciate our customers, but they’re a constant source of inspiration and motivation!

We appreciate every customer, every purchase, and every review. It always warms our hearts to see you loving our luxury custom nails, and it tells us that we’re staying true to our goal of making The Nailest a convenient one-stop-shop nail store. The reviews we get tell us we’re doing a good job and are extra motivation to continue to scour the internet for the newest, hottest, and most stylish nail trends. We especially love it when customers tell us about the compliments they receive. It’s reviews like these that inspired us to start the Give $10, Get $10 referral program as a way to say thank you and give back.

Because we have the best customers in the world, we thought we’d highlight a few of our favorite reviews and give some love back to those who love our products just as much as we care for them!


The Nailest's reply:  Thank you for the review, Kelly! We hope you enjoyed your next set and received just as many compliments on them!


The Nailest's reply:  Looking great, April and we’re just as obsessed with the look as you are!


The Nailest's reply: You’ve really hit the nail on the head in your review, Olive. Want to do some marketing for us?


The Nailest's reply:  We’re glad you notice the quality in our sets and keep coming back to The Nailest, Jennifer!


The Nailest's reply: Tara – we see you’re always reviewing our sets and are always loving them! Thank you so much for your reviews and thank you for always coming back to The Nailest for custom press-ons. We hope to keep you winning for years to come.


The Nailest's reply:  We’re honored you chose to wear our products on your birthday, Princess! Maybe send us an invite next time?


The Nailest's reply:  Instant glam, pretty, strong, and affordable nail sets are exactly what we do here at The Nailest! Can we hire you to do some marketing for us, Kat?


The Nailest's reply:  We’re glad to have made you a fan for life, Nicole. And the nails go great with your sweater!

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