Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas

It seems like Christmas and the holiday season sneaks up on you every year, giving you less time to find the perfect nail gifts for her. Maybe you knew exactly what you wanted to get them but then found out that it was sold out or wouldn’t be delivered until the holiday had passed. Regardless, The Nailest is here to help you out with this list of holiday stocking stuffer ideas for the press on nail lovers in your life!

Hopefully, you’ve already found some of the big-ticket items on your holiday shopping list - and gotten something for yourself as well! - but you’ll also want to add some stocking stuffers alongside it for a memorable touch. It’ll show your friends and family that you really put in time and effort into selecting their gifts. After all, showing how much you care for these special people in your life is what the holidays are all about.

Without any further ado, let’s get into some of the best holiday stocking stuffer ideas for her from The Nailest!

Handmade - Red Crystal Mixed All Bling Mixed

There won’t be any mistaking the color of these nails for orange, pink, or salmon - they’re a beautiful deep, dark, and unmistakable red! Their color makes them perfect for the holiday season, which is often defined by the colors red and green. With crystals on each nail, this set will twinkle just as bright as the lights on the Christmas tree, making them a perfect gift for your flamboyant and exuberant loved ones. We know these people in your life probably have a specific shape of nail they like the best, and that’s why these beauties are available in a variety of different shapes - short oval, short square, oval, square, almond, and more!


Instant Glam - Clear See Thru Ombre Almond Press On Nail Set

This set is perfect for the person you have in your life that’s just obsessed with ombre everything. The nails are beautifully clear at the bottom, so they seamlessly blend in with the natural nail before transitioning into one of three different colors - antique ruby, auburn, and sea foam. They come in the classic almond shape, and we guarantee your loved one will get plenty of compliments when they wear them!


Dazzle Bella Ombre Crystal Accent Coffin Nail Set

Another stocking stuffer that’s great for the ombre lovers in your life, this set comes in a coffin shape and features jewels on the thumb, pointer finger, and ring finger. The nail itself transitions from a soft peach color up to a frosted white. It’s a rather muted color set, so the colors don’t distract from the dazzling jewels, which will turn different shades of red, blue, purple, pink, and yellow in the light. When describing these nails, dazzling might be an understatement! 


Handmade Multi Magic Pastel Tipping Press on Nails

These nails may seem rather subtle at first until you notice the pastel strip of color at the top of the nail that extends down the sides. Each nail has a different strip of color - the thumb gets a purple, the pointer finger a turquoise, the middle finger pink, the ring finger yellow, and the pinkie a baby blue. With those colors, you could say these nails are inspired by a retro 80s color scheme. We think it’s a perfect look for Spring, so when you include this as a stocking stuffer, you’ll be giving your loved ones a head start on assembling their Spring looks once the weather warms up!


Mystery Nail Box - Regular Length

On sale for the holidays, this kit is a perfect stocking stuffer gift for the person who you don’t know which nail set to get. Maybe they’re just getting into press-on nails, and you want to give them all the essentials they’ll need. The mystery box includes seven sets of surprise Instant Glam nail sets, two prep kits, and a bottle of brush on glue.


Gift Box- 3 Sets of Instant Luxury Acrylic

Pick 3 sets from our famous Instant Luxury Acrylic collection. Save 20% and you’ll receive a free beautiful luxury gift box! Just put a bow on it and it’s ready to surprise your loved ones!

Make The Nailest your go-to destination for all your press-on nail needs, not just this year but every holiday season! While you’re shopping for friends and family, don’t forget to get something for yourself that you’ll love too!



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