How to keep press-on nails from falling off

Press on nails are an affordable and convenient way to achieve the perfect manicure, without necessarily worrying about damaging your natural nail bed like in the case of acrylics.

But, there’s a downside: they don’t last forever.

Just like with false eyelashes, or wigs, these additions to your beauty are made for temporary purposes, not permanent.

But the right preparation and care for press-on acrylic nails will truly make a huge difference in terms of how long they stay in place.


Expert Tips on How to Keep Press on Nails from Falling Off

With the right approach, you can keep press on nails on longer than you think.

Here are The Nailest’s tips for pro press on nail application:

  • Prep the nail - Use our press on nail prep kit to file or cut your natural nails short before you add the press ons. Push your cuticles back to expose the base of the nail, and buff the bed with a buffer. Then, clean the bed with an alcohol-based solution to remove any oils or dust;
  • Place the nail - apply the glue on the bed of your nail, then add the press on, push slightly to make sure it covers the entire bed;
  • Avoid water - make sure you wait 2-3 hours for the glue to completely dry before you get your hands wet. Water can break down the glue and cause the press on to fall sooner than you’d like.

 If you want to protect your press on even further, avoid water contact as much as possible. Opt for hand sanitizer instead of hand washing when you can, and use gloves when you do the dishes.

They won’t last forever. But, you can easily switch your style every week without affecting your natural nail!

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