Best Nail Designs for Summer 2021

If we could use one word to describe the hottest nail trends for summer 2021, then that would be "artful." Except to see a lot of eye-catching designs, pastels, chrome's, and lots of playfulness. 


What better way to celebrate this summer than with a vibrant pastel mix-and-match? Luckily, this season you don't have to choose between your favorite pastel hues, but combine and highlight them on your fingers in a way that makes them go together in unexpected ways.

Check this Pastel Glory and Rainbow Matte press-on nails, which feature yellow, green, pink, purple, and blue in a fun and stylish way.



Juicy Fruity

Whether it's lemon water, a refreshing watermelon slice, or a handful of juicy cherries, everyone's fruit intake is increasing during summer. You're likely to notice the same trend when it comes to nail designs too.

Fruit nail art is an excellent way to express yourself and in a fresh and playful way. If you want something that will truly stand out, then this Pineapple Express press-on nails are just the right pick. If you are looking for a more subtle design, then you should check this delightful Soph Pink Baby Boomer Ombre w/ Red Cherry press on nails.


Abstract and Simple Modern

Abstract nails are one of this summer's most popular trends. Except to see lots of swirls, dots, and colors that will give you some major retro vibes, just like this BOOM brushstroke press-on nails.



If you are looking for a futuristic look this summer, then you should opt for chrome nails. This Polychromatic set, for example, comes in a colorful, shiny, and sleek design.


Everyday Nude

One of the things that make nude nails so great is that you can wear them as they are or use them as a blank canvas and add stripes, flowers, or colors. If you are looking for something simple yet stylish, check these basic nude press-on nails.


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