Instant Nail Adhesive Tabs | Double Sided Stickers

$ 1.95 USD

*High Quality* Instant Nail Adhesive Tabs!

Unlock the freedom to switch up your nail set whenever you desire! Introducing Instant Nail Adhesive Tabs, your new DIY manicure essential. Each package contains 30 adhesive tabs in various sizes, perfectly designed for those times when you wish to flaunt a specific nail style for any occasion. Bid farewell to messy glues, nail damage, and the commitment of sticking to one style for weeks. Embrace the season's plans wholeheartedly and get ready to celebrate with your newfound nail companions.

- One sheet= 30 adhesive tabs
- Ideal for short-term wear
- Effortlessly removable with minimal damage
- Quick and simple two-step application process
- Pre-shaped for a tailored fit
- Vegan and cruelty-free

~Buy Nail glue & Nail adhesive tab Combo and save $$$~


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