Brand New Instant Acrylic Press-on Nail Designs Launched!

Our new Instant Acrylic collection has something for everyone. It features a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs with everything from classic looks that’ll never go out of style to those trendy looks you’ve likely seen your favorite influencers show off on social media. Whether you want an understated, everyday look that will go with any outfit and keep your nails looking great even on those days you’re running errands, an eye-catching look that’ll get you compliments and attention wherever you go, or a truly extravagant look that you’ll want to design an entire outfit around, you’ll find a set perfect for you in this new line! Take a look at some of the highlights below.

Classic Sets

Blush Ombre: Going from a rosy nude at the base to a glossy white at the top, this is a set that everyone needs because it can go with any outfit and the short almond shape is very versatile. Almond is a universally flattering shape and will suit women of all ages. This set gives your nails a classic, elegant look and can be great for work.

Acrylic ombre: These sheer nudes can be thought of as an upgraded version of the nude look, but they’re still a classic! This set gives your fingers a classy and sophisticated look, and the stiletto shape adds a bit of drama without being too flashy.

Timeless French: Few sets have a more classic look than this Timeless French set. It’s an elegant combination of femininity and glamour. The medium coffin shape is both chic and strong, making the set perfect for today’s empowered woman.


Trendy Sets

Golden Edge: The coffin shape is typically associated with fashionistas, and the design of this set is even more fashion-forward. It features a warm, matte shade of peachy brown with a shimmering, metallic gold striping along the cuticle for some added visual interest. The metallic gold detailing is subtle, but it’s sure to make a statement.

Down to Earth: A set designed for lovers of earth tones, this set features matte nail colors that go from a rich dark brown to a light tan from the thumb to pinkie, achieving an ombre effect. The neutral colors mean the set can complement any outfit with added style.

Wilderness: Animal print nails are one of the trends of the past year, so go wild with this unique set! It features a different print on every nail – tiger, cow, jaguar, giraffe, and zebra – so every finger is unique. This is a set you’d want to design an outfit around!

Grayson: Drawing inspiration from the look of one of the world’s most beautiful materials, marble, this set features the intricate veining many people love about the material. We added metallic gold detailing for an added pop of color, so these nails stand out from all the other sets taking advantage of the marble trend.


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